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Recent posts on the front page

Posted on: August 27th, 2010 by admin No Comments

Folks, I’m loving the inclusion of recent posts on the front page.  It makes it so easy to find current posts and discover the more active participants of Nazareneblogs!  I’ve already read some posts from people I’ve not read before.  I think that more and more people will discover this feature and start using it to see what other participants are saying.  What if several people mentioned this feature in their own blogs?  Maybe it would increase readership for everyone.

Doing ministry on the Internet

Posted on: August 20th, 2010 by admin 1 Comment

globeIt’s not as though I heard a Voice or had a vision but almost 15 years ago even as I excitedly began exploring the Internet on my Windows 95 machine I sensed the Lord directing me to do ministry on the Internet. At that time, I wasn’t sure what that meant, but (being a tech kind of guy) that was fine with me. Since that day I’ve designed websites for myself and other ministries, learned a little about site administration, and involved myself in the fellowship ministry of NazNet. I think, though, that one of the most rewarding Internet ministries for me has been blogging. My wife tells me that the last thing (not counting root canals, etc) she’d ever want to do would be to write something every day. I’ve noted that other folks see blogging as a chance to let off some steam and even enjoy having some sort of alter ego. I’m not being critical of them, but for me, blogging is a chance to speak to people I might never encounter otherwise. Everyday, or more likely, every minute, someone somewhere is typing into the Google search box, “How can I find God?” or “How can I save my marriage?” If my blogging can play even a small role in helping someone find answers to big questions like that I’ll feel I’ve been obedient to my call to Internet ministry. I’ve seen some fine ministry efforts here on and want to commend those who are part of this online community endeavoring to minister through blogging.

12 Blogging Ideas

Posted on: August 7th, 2009 by admin No Comments

Here are 12 Blogging topic inspiring ideas I found on the onlinejournalismblog.

  1. Respond to something elsewhere on the web
  2. Suggest an idea
  3. Interview someone
  4. Blog an event
  5. Ask a question
  6. Pick a fight
  7. Reflect on something
  8. Do something visual (photos, videos…)
  9. Review something
  10. Make a list (hmm – that’s a good idea :) )
  11. Write a how-to (another good idea)
  12. Let someone else post

I hope this might spark some good topic ideas – make sure to check out the original for more in depth about each one of the ideas.

Blogging—An affordable way to offer online hospitality

Posted on: December 11th, 2008 by admin No Comments

Few words sound stranger to the ear than blog. One friend, after first hearing the term, thought it was part of a title to a grade B science fiction film (like “the blog from outer space”). Most of us now know that blogging is part of a revolution in communication that has put the power of publishing in the hands of anyone with a computer and an internet connection. Rather than a one-way recitation, blogs also create the capacity for comment and conversation in ways that build trust and connectedness with others.

Now, church leaders are using blogs to tell their story, share expertise, and relate to others about faith issues. Blogging presents an affordable and powerful opportunity for churches to connect with others at an unprecedented level. Brian Bailey, web director at Fellowship Church, says that blogging is simply “online hospitality—opening your door, inviting people inside, and sharing stories.”

Nazarene Blogs allow any pastor church leader the ability to create a free professional-looking blog online within minutes. By signing up, you are able to choose any one of a number of themes/templates (some which are Nazarene or ministry-based).