Solomon inherited the benefits of David’s achievements. The nation was basically united through its political and religious center in Jerusalem. The nation was also generally at peace with all of its neighbors. The glory of Solomon’s kingdom is reflected in the following list of Solomon’s own accomplishments, by the grace of God:

  • Building projects: Temple, palace, chariot cities (1 Kgs 9:15, 17-19)
  • Alliances: Marriage alliance with Egypt; covenant of peace with Hiram of Tyre
  • Wisdom, riches, and honor (1 Kgs 3:5, 9-13)
  • Great wealth: 1 Kgs 4:20-28; 10:16-27
  • Devotion to God: 1 Kgs 3:3-4; 8:56-61


The later downfall of Solomon’s glory can be attributed to two major factors. First, in order to accomplish such great building projects, Solomon made use of forced labor and heavy taxation upon his own people. This resulted in great discontent among his subjects. The second factor is just as, if not more, significant to Solomon’s downfall. Against God’s instruction, Solomon married many foreign women and was influenced by their pagan and idolatrous worship of false gods (1 Kgs 11:4-8).

2 thoughts on “SOLOMON’S GLORY

  1. Can you imagine that you are the one who is going to be responsible for building the house where the Spirit of God will dwell.The work was enormous and all consuming and took many years to complete.Then it does not stop there you move onto the next project and so on and so on and the years pile up and so does all the wear and tear on the man.{sounds like some people I know} and in the end you spend a lifetime doing what the Lord has required of you,but falling short in your relationship with Him.Good lesson for all of us who serve the Lord as pastors.You have to keep the relationship built-up too!

  2. Solomon did not follow God completely. Boy, the story told in the book "Discovering the Old Testament" makes Solomon's time sound a lot like the U.S. in the last 100 years! Over taxation, The Nation and it's desires over the states just like the tribes and clans became less important so that the nation could be all that Solomon desired. Yes there was peace through these foreign alliances but at what cost. I wonder what God's best would have looked like then if Solomon would have obeyed and followed God completely?

    I would also note that the second bullet point in the above blog is not an accomplishment by the grace of God but disobedience, laden with future consequences and judgement.

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