Quick Ideas: Palm Sunday and Easter

OK, Palm Sunday and Easter are around the corner and in a normal and sane universe all churches would be ready and prepared for what they hope to do on these Sundays.  However, I think it would be safe to assume that not every church is totally settled on drama, music, or other last minute worship prep plans so I’ve included a list of ideas (simple and easy to do) that could relieve some pressure and come off looking great.

Here it goes…

1.  Lent/Palm Sunday/Easter Downloadable Sketches

2.  #1 downloadable Easter sketch – Passionate Voices

3.  #2 downloadable Easter sketch – Condemned

4.  No time for musicals but Everlasting Praise 2 could be done well as a new spark for your worship.  When you call NPH (1-800-877-0700) as for offer MD-1001.  This is only $99.99, and you get three books plus the complete S/C Accom. CD.  A great value.

5.  Easter Lead Sheets for Piano/Guitar

6.  Lillenas Song Finder – Some times it’s just hard to find a song…Song Finder helps a lot.

I hope this is helpful for last minute Palm Sunday and Easter worship service ideas.  I call around to different churches all the time and many of these have bi-vocational pastors just trying to keep up and keep pace.  If you are bi-vocational or even if you are not, do you find these quick suggestions helpful?  What do you need real quick that might be of help to you for Easter worship?

Matt – Solutions

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