Memorable Thanksgiving Ideas for Worship

It’s coming and you can smell it.  You can taste it.  I know it seems a bit premature, but sooner than you know Thanksgiving will be upon us and in my opinion this is the next to best holiday of the year.  My boss says that you really can’t mess up Thanksgiving.  C’mon you got FOOD, FOOTBALL, and FRIENDS/FAMILY.  This trifecta is too good to be true.  But it is an unbelievable combination.  Anyway, as a pastor you’ll be looking for something new or fresh to include in your liturgy this Thanksgiving Sunday, and again, I know it’s only September, but here’s a few ideas to get your Thanksgiving creative juices going.

Downloadable Scripts:

Blessing Dressing - A short, humorous monologue for Thanksgiving on the nature of God’s blessings in our lives.

Fossils - Fred is struggling with things he never said to his son when he had the chance. Steve left two years ago over a fight he and his father had. He hasn’t seen his parents since then. But today, Thanksgiving, he’s coming home to introduce his wife and say “I’m sorry – and I love you.” The humorous, yet touching scene is done in flashbacks through the eyes of Fred.

Be Ye Thankful — Even For Your Veggies - A boy complaining about what is in his packed lunch, gets a reminder that we ought to be thankful for the food we have.

More Thansgiving Sketches

Music and Downloadable Keyboard Arrangements

Thanksgiving & Praise -  A Worship Experience for Thanksgiving and Beyond for Adult Choir and Children’s Choir, Narrator and Congregation.  This work fits beautifully into your celebration of Thanksgiving… or any worship service. Only nine minutes in length, it’s more than an anthem, but not a full musical.  Ideally suited for Sunday morning worship, Thanksgiving & Praise features an adult choir, children’s choir (optional), and narrator, and strongly encourages congregational involvement.  Performance length is 9 minutes.

He is Good – This is not a full musical, but longer than the usual anthem, this extended work is the perfect choice for Thanksgiving Sunday.  Provides a nice children;s choir option for a beautiful 7 minute presentation.  Give this one a listen!

Keyboard Arrangements for Thanksgiving

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